BurnSafe Program


The BurnSafe program is a free, no cost to schools or pupils, health and safety program available for South Australian primary schools.

The BurnSafe schools program has been designed to educate students and their families about the incidence of burn injury, prevention and harm minimisation strategies, making safe choices and first aid. The interactive program encourages students to become more aware of the incidence of burn injury, its major causes and how they can reduce the risk of suffering a burn injury.

Our program meets National Australian Curriculum standards.

Sessions are interactive with Upper and Lower sessions for Junior Primary students to cater more specifically for the very youngest year groups. These sessions engage students with our lovable but sometimes mischievous puppets, practice the steps of the stop, cover, drop, roll to extinguish a clothing fire and use songs and actions to convey and remember key messages. Middle and Upper Primary students learn about the physical, social and psychological challenges of suffering a major burn injury through discussion and empathy activities. All students learn best practice first aid for burns.

We also now cater for Pre-Kindy and Kindy aged children, with our Brand New ‘BurnSafe Junior’ program for the 3 – school aged children. This program is designed to meet the National Quality Standards, and Early Years Learning Framework and we supply additional planning resources to assist with continuous planning for educators.

Every participant receives a current educational BurnSafe bag to take home encouraging students to discuss their learning with family.

More information coming soon!