Grobag 2.5 tog


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What size does your baby need?

Size Minimum weight Maximum length
0 – 6 Months 4kg/8.8lb 68cm
6 – 18 Months 8.1kg/18lb 86cm
18 – 36 Months 11.4kg/25lb 98cm

What are Togs?

A tog measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product. Grobag baby sleep bags are available in four tog ratings.

2.5 Tog: All year round, for standard rooms (16-20°C)

1.0 Tog: Summer and daytime naps, warmer weather and in rooms (20-24°C)

0.5 Tog: Holiday and heatwaves, hot weather and very warm rooms (24-27°C)

0.2 Tog: Hot temperatures, for very hot rooms (27°C and above)


What to Wear

A number of factors determine the tog rating of the baby sleep bag that should be used. These include the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby’s health.


Do not use if the child can climb out of the cot


Do not use in combination with other bedding items (e.g. cot duvet)