The Kidsafe SA  Home Safety Checklist is a great resource to use to help determine the safety of your home.

Most injuries suffered by children occur in and around the home. While it may not be possible to make your home completely safe a all times, you can take steps to reduce the risk of injury and make your home a safer place for children.

This checklist will guide you through each room of the house as well as the backyard to help make you aware of any potential hazards.

Be sure to share this with anyone who looks after children in their home - including grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as friends.

Safety for our Little Fellas

Kidsafe SA, together with ARMSU and Burns SA, have developed resources for Aboriginal families and communities covering the main child injury prevention topics.

The Safety for Our Little Fellas resources have been developed to reduce the unfortunately high level of death and serious injury to Australian children as a result of unintentional and very often preventable injury. Resources were initially developed in 2010 and were updated in 2014.

Information sheets are available for download below.  Posters are available for order by contacting the Kidsafe Centre.

Burns Resources

BurnSafe Resources. These resources are aimed at children from preschool to 13 years and they can be done at home, at school or in an early education setting. They are designed in line with the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum.

BurnSafe Resources

Other Resources

Kidsafe Family Day Care Safety Guidelines

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website contains helpful and informative fact sheets on product safety including cots, trampolines, bunk beds and more!

The Royal Lifesaving Australia website has a range of information sheets (some translated into other languages) on drowning and water safety.

The Georgina Josephine Foundation has a range of information on road safety.